Milk Tokens For Babies

It is important that babies receive milk in order to allow them to grow and develop. Milk contains numerous vitamins which are highly important to allow brain and bone development, for example Vitamin A is very important. Some mothers may choose to breastfeed their baby once they are above the age of one, but it is also important to ensure that a baby receives full fat milk as this contains the vitamins they need for growth.

It is not only important for mothers to ensure that their baby is kept healthy once they are born but it is also highly important that mothers maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Those women who look after themselves better during this time are more likely to feel better and more importantly to have healthier babies.

As milk so important to babies a scheme has been introduced by the government which provides milk tokens to certain families. These milk tokens allow free milk to be obtained for pregnant women and babies. Milk is a very important ingredient of a balanced diet, there is a criteria which outlines who is eligible to receive milk tokens. The milk tokens can be exchanged for cows milk at any retailer that it participating within the scheme.

A mother can apply for milk tokens once she is ten weeks pregnant. An application form must be completed in order to claim the milk tokens. As well as the claimant filling out the application form, a medical professional will also need to fill in part of the form and authorise the tokens to be given as the woman is pregnant. Mothers should be aware that milk tokens will not be back dated and they are therefore advised to apply once the ten week pregnancy time has been reached.

Once a baby has been born the mother or family are still eligible to claim the milk tokens to ensure that the baby receives all the vitamins which it requires. For the first year of the babys life the milk tokens will be known as infant tokens. It is important to be aware that ordinary cows milk is not suitable for babies under the age of one and they should be given baby instant formula milk which holds all of the required vitamins. The milk tokens can be used within participating retailers in order to claim the instant formula milk.

It is important for mothers to be fully aware of how to stay healthy during their pregnancy and therefore the use of milk tokens may be vital for some mothers. Those who are unaware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or diet should contact their local doctor who will then devise an eating and lifestyle plan.

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