Milk Tokens Helpline

Women who are in receipt of milk tokens who may require assistance can contact the helpline on 0845 607 6823. This number can assist women with any queries or problems which they need resolving in relation to milk tokens. Women who have made a claim for milk token but have yet to receive any should also use this number in order to get information. This number should not be used by women who are wishing to claim milk tokens for the first time, those people should you the application phone number.

Women who wish to change their milk tokens into infant tokens can either use this number or contact their doctor who may be able to make these changes for them.

How much the vouchers are worth depends on the circumstances of an individual. If an individual is pregnant and receiving milk tokens, the value of the vouchers will be £3.10 per week. If the claimant is claiming the milk tokens for babies under the age of one the amount the tokens will be worth is £6.20 per baby under the age of one. For babies over one year old but under four years old, the amount the tokens will be worth is £3.10.

This helpline should be used in order to update the Inland Revenue of any changes in personal circumstances. For example women who are receiving milk tokens as they are on benefits but then come off benefits must make the Revenue aware as they may no longer be eligible to receive the milk tokens.

The milk tokens can be used at any participating retailer, those who are participating will display a Health Start logo. As well as supermarkets there are also milk men, greengrocers, corner shops, chemists and market stall participating in the scheme.

If women wish to stop receiving the milk tokens they should use this helpline in order ton indicate that they wish to stop receiving them. When a child is of the age of four the milk tokens should stop but if they do not then it is the responsibility of the claimant to contact the Inland Revenue in order to identify the mistake. Failure to report a mistake may lead to an attempt to claim back the money which has been overpaid.

This helpline can also be used by mothers in order to gain general advice in relation to the upbringing of a baby. Mothers who require advice on nutrition, diet or lifestyle choices can contact the helpline. The advisors who man the phones of the helpline can also put mothers in contact with other organisation who may be able to help them with the upbringing of their child or children.

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