Milk Tokens in Pregnancy

The government has created a scheme in order to provide assistance to certain women whilst pregnant. The drive of this scheme is to assist pregnant women in receiving all of the necessary nutrients during pregnancy. The scheme provides pregnant women with milk tokens, these tokens can then be exchanged for milk which will help their baby develop during pregnancy and the nutrients within the milk will also help the pregnant woman.

Some mothers may choose to breastfeed their children, breast milk contains all of the nutrients which a new born baby requires to grow. Through breastfeeding a mother can be happy in knowing that a baby is receiving all the necessary vitamins and is therefore guaranteed the best start in life. Mothers are advised, if they wish, to breastfeed their baby up until the baby is aged around six months. It is unlikely any other food or drink will be required up until this age. Once a baby is started on solid foods women are advised to keep breastfeeding for as long as possible.

Breastfeeding is ideal for babies as it protects them from diseases and infections. This form of feeding also helps the mother as it help to get rid of pregnancy weight. It is also easier than preparing bottles and instant formula milk.

A pregnant woman can claim milk tokens from the tenth week of her pregnancy. In order to claim the tokens the pregnant woman must complete an application form and then send it to the relevant department. Milk tokens can also be claims over the phone. Pregnant women must prove that they are pregnant and this requires the confirmation from a registered medical professional. Milk tokens cannot be back dated and therefore pregnant women are advised to claim the tokens as soon as they can.

As well as consuming milk pregnant women are advised to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. For example this includes eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Meals should have a main substance such as bread, potatoes, rice or pasta. Pregnant women are also advised to consume a good portion of protein each day for example lean meat or fish, other useful foods are eggs, cheese, beans or pulses. Several servings of dairy products should be consumed each day, although these should be low fat equivalents where possible. Women should cut down on sugar, sugary foods, fat, fried and fatty foods.

Mothers can still claim milk tokens once a baby has been born, it is not just a pregnancy benefit. Tokens can be claimed up until a child is aged four, although is personal circumstances change then the scheme operators should be informed.

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