Apply For Milk Tokens

In order to receive milk tokens it is the responsibility of the person wishing to receive them to apply for them. In the majority of cases it is the pregnant woman or mother of a child who places the claim for the milk tokens, this is mainly due to the doctor or midwife being required to prove the pregnancy or childrens details.

Milk tokens can be claimed by completing an application form or by contacting the Healthy Start initiative directly. There is also a helpline which can be contacted in order to get information or help in regards to children or a pregnancy.

Milk tokens are given to women who are under the age of eighteen and pregnant. Women who are benefits and pregnant or have children under the age of four years old are also eligible to claim the milk tokens. When a child turns one the milk tokens transfer into infant tokens, these provide the same benefits but just have a different name.

The application form is similar to any other application form and asks for general details such as a name and address. The babys fathers details must also be disclosed in order to make a claim for the milk tokens. Information will also be gathered in relation to the income of a household, for example if the mother is working she may not be able to claim milk tokens, although this depends upon the salary she receives. A woman who claims job seekers allowance is in a position to claim milk tokens. Any evidence which is provided within the application form will be checked against the records of the Inland Revenue, any false claims will automatically be cancelled and milk tokens will not be provided.

The vouchers can not be used to purchased fruit and vegetables which contain added fats such as oil, salt, sugar or any other ingredients which are not deemed to be healthy such as over chips or seasoned stir frys. People who receive the vouchers but are unaware whether a product is suitable should check the pack of the food for added ingredients before purchasing. These products are not allowed as they do not provide the essential vitamins which are required for child growth.

How much the vouchers are worth depends on the circumstances of an individual. If an individual is pregnant and receiving milk tokens, the value of the vouchers will be £3.10 per week. If the claimant is claiming the milk tokens for babies under the age of one the amount the tokens will be worth is £6.20 per baby under the age of one. For babies over one year old but under four years old, the amount the tokens will be worth is £3.10.

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