CMP Milk Tokens

CMP is an Irish company which produces milk within Ireland. The company prides itself on having two main passions, the first one being the quality of milk produced and the second one being its heritage from the Cork location. The company has been supplying milk to the region of Cork for the last 40 years and works closely with local farmers to ensure a fair deal for all.

Milk which is produced by the company is used within many products that are consumed on an international basis. The company is very proud of its routes and is keen to look after those who drink cmp milk.

Milk is a vitally important part of a childs diet and lifestyle, it adds significant benefits to the growth and development of children. Whole milk and other full fat dairy products are a good source of Vitamin A for children, these vitamins help the body to resist infection. This source of vitamin is also useful for maintaining healthy skin and healthy eyes. Mothers can breastfeed babies after the age of one if they choose to do so, but mothers are also advised to give their children full fat cows milk to drink also. Full fat milk and dairy products should be used up and until a child is the age of two, this is due to the fact that the childs body needs extra vitamins up until this age. After the age of two a mother can choose whether to introduce semi skimmed milk into the diet, this should be introduced only if a child eats a varied diet and appears to be developing well.

The company chose to sponsor the milk tokens scheme which meant that tokens could be exchanged for milk which was produced for the CMP company. It also meant that the tokens became available for women in Ireland. There are numerous other major companies who have joined the milk tokens scheme. There are very few retailers of milk from this company within England although many products have been produced using the milk from the company.

How much the vouchers are worth depends on the circumstances of an individual. If an individual is pregnant and receiving milk tokens, the value of the vouchers will be £3.10 per week. If the claimant is claiming the milk tokens for babies under the age of one the amount the tokens will be worth is £6.20 per baby under the age of one. For babies over one year old but under four years old, the amount the tokens will be worth is £3.10.

As well as milk the milk tokens can be used in order to obtain numerous other products from those retailers who are participating in the scheme.

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